Latest Innovation


The AquaKing Storm Silent Combi is an attractive and robust pool filtration housing fitted with noise reducing foam.

It is designed to allow easy access for operation and servicing of the equipment housed and modular fitment of additional equipment, such as Chlorine generators etc.

Available in variants from 1 to 5 Bag Filter size with EQue pump and AquaKing weatherproof DB.



A unique design that uses your pool cleaners’ pulsating action to minimize its tendency to get stuck in corners. The patented tri-action operation frees your pool cleaner to do its work.

To see how the Nudge Paddle works – simply click on the image below.

NEW Nudge Paddle


The Fire-Makers Fire Pit is available in black or stainless steel and can be customized to the client’s requirements – on request.

Available in Black – R 5 500 Incl. V.A.T. or Stainless Steel – R 7 900 Incl. V.A.T.

HPG Fire Pit Stainless Steel
HPG Fire Pit Black

The Aqua King Storm “Low Maintenance” chlorinator automatically generates chlorine, necessary to help keep your pool water free from
bacteria & algae. The result is healthier water that feels great & looks outstanding.

Sanitising your swimming pool with salt chlorination is the safest, most effective & environmentally friendly method of all.

Available in 3 models –

  • SS50 for pools up to 30 000 Litres.
  • SS100 for pools up to 60 000 Litres.
  • SS200 for pools up to 100 000 Litres.

Aqua King Storm Chlorinator 2022

WOLF Garden – Consumables

HPG has partnered with Wolf to offer a selected range of Wolf brush cutter and trimmer lines and replacement spools and blades for Wolf products, that are also compatible with other brands of mowers and trimmers.


Wolf Garden - Mower Consumables


The Aqua King – Storm Solar Pool Pump Kit consists of an Azure DC Brushless swimming pool pump with DC Controller and the relevant number of 330 Watt Solar Panels, depending on the system requirement.

The Aqua King – Storm Solar Pool Pump Kit is suitable for water circulation on swimming pools from 50 000 to 100 000 litres.

HPG Storm Solar Pool Pump


The NEW Eco Tanks Splash Pool is made from flexible and durable Polyethylene and is easy to install above ground or in-ground.

The Eco Tanks Splash Pool is available in a 3.6m x 2.2m x 1m Deep Rectangular and 2.6m Diameter x 1m Deep Round shape in Sky Blue, Tint Blue or Grey colour options.

The Eco Tanks Splash Pools is available from Hyper Pool Group with a kit consisting of an Aqua King Storm 0.75kW Pool Pump, 1 Bag Sand Filter (including sand) and Electrical DB with 18VA Transformer and Timer, as well as an Eartheco Weir or Spa Suction, standard Aimflow and Aimflow LED Pool Light.

Eco Tanks Splash Pool - Rectangular

Eco Tanks Splash Pool - Round with HPG Kit Complete

Eco Tanks Splash Pool - Round with HPG Kit No Feet


The NEW Eco Tanks 500 Litre Backwash Tank, allows for the re-use of your swimming pool’s bacwash water.

The Eco Tanks Backwash Tank available from Hyper Pool Group is supplied with an added base for Easy Plumbing, as well as the relevant valves and fittings.


The Aqua King Stone Inspirations range of natural Cladding and Mosaics has a beautiful and earthy look and requires minimal maintenance.

Stone Inspirations Ledgestone Harvest Stone Inspirations Ledgestone Platinum Stone Inspirations Ledgestone Shale

Stone Inspirations Alpine Forest Stone Inspirations Alpine Oak Stone Inspirations Alpine Shale

Stone Inspirations Rockface Autumn Stone Inspirations Rockface GreyStone Inspirations Rockface Black





Franklin Electric, renowned for their borehole pump technology and more recently, solar powered ranges, have extended this know-how to an application for swimming pools, that is also ideally suited for Koi ponds.

This latest innovation is exclusively available through the Hyper Group.

The AquaDUTY Solar Pool Pump kit contains all of the necessary parts to convert your standard pool pump to solar power. The electricity cost savings will pay for the kit in three to five years. The kit consists of the pump, motor, controller, and solar panels with wiring harness. The system operates on 300 Vdc. Ancillaries are not included. A site inspection is required to estimate the cost of installation. The product warranty is only valid if the installation is completed by an authorized installer.

The AquaDUTY range of solar pool pumps are suitable for small and larger pools. Typical applications include swimming pools, water features, spas, koi ponds, and portable surface pools.

The following selection will provide the best results.
  • 10 000 – 20 000 litre pool: 0.25kW with 1 x 250Wp solar panel.
  • 20 000 – 50 000 litre pool: 0.75kW with 2 X 250Wp solar panels.
  • 50 000 – 65 000 litre pool: 0.75kW with 3 X 250Wp solar panels.
  • 65 000 – 85 000 litre pool: 1.1kW with 4 X 250Wp solar panels.

The AquaDUTY Solar Drive provides water in remote applications where electrical grid power is either unreliable or unavailable. The system pumps water using solar panels as a power source. Water is pumped into storage tanks or circulated in a swimming pool during the day in favorable weather conditions. A level switch
can be installed inside the tank to regulate the water level. The AquaDUTY Solar Drive runs at variable speed to match the changing power available from the solar panels. A DC disconnect switch is incorporated making it easy to disconnect power supplied by the solar panels from the controller. An ON/OFF switch is provided.


Motor Soft-Start

  • The AquaDUTY Drive ramps up the rotational speed of the motor by gradually increasing the motor voltage at start-up thus resulting in lower startup currents compared to conventional motor-start operations. In cases where the water demand is lower, a conventional system may cycle on and off too often. The AquaDUTY controller’s soft-start feature avoids rapid cycling and harm to the motor.

Level Control Switch

  • A level control switch can be wired into the AquaDUTY Drive for water level control. This is optional and is not required to run the AquaDUTY Drive.

System Diagnostics

The AquaDUTY Drive is equipped with a mnemonic legend to convey the operational status to the user. The following conditions are detected and indicated:

  • Power Off: When no electrical input power is applied.
  • Auxiliary Switch Off: Power is applied and pump will operate if external switch(ON/Off switch at the bottom of the controller or remote level switch) is switched on.
  • Pump On: Pump is running.
  • Low Voltage: Input voltage too low normally caused by poor sunlight conditions or incorrect connections from the solar panels to the controller.
  • High Voltage: The input voltage exceeds the rating of the AquaDUTY Drive
  • Dry-Run/Overload: Pump is running dry or a shut valve is experienced (in the case of a positive displacement pump) or the pump is locked and cannot turn.
  • Broken Shaft: Pump is not connected, or the pump shaft is broken.
  • Rapid Cycling: Pump is starting and stopping too often, usually caused by a float switch bobbing up and down in the reservoir, a pressure tank failure, or an external control switch attempting to switch the pump on and off too often.
Solar pool pump kit controller

The AquaDUTY Solar Drive Controller operates a three-phase motor, powered by solar panels, for example:

  • Powering a 4-inch submersible borehole pump.
  • Powering a swimming pool pump.
  • Powering a surface pump for pressure applications.