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Hyper Pool Group combines all the retail and manufacturing synergies of Riaan Pool and Hyper Pool Equipment and our owned manufacturing brands, AquaKing and Eartheco.

This page will give you an overview of who we are and PEACE of MIND – that YOUR DREAM POOL starts with us.

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Hyper Pool Group (HPG) represents the combined synergy of our various well known and trusted manufacturing and retail companies – listed above, that were established by our owners, Pieter and Johannes Herbst over 30 years ago, with the sole purpose to make a positive impact on the swimming pool industry, for both the professional trade and pool owners.

It brings together, the many years of expertise, trust and buying power gained by all these companies, in the fields of product development, manufacturing, import and export and distribution of fellow reputable brands of all the swimming pool products to turn dream pools into reality.

HPG pride ourselves on the wealth of our own ground level experience and the business trust we enjoy from other leading companies also involved in the swimming pool industry, in South Africa and abroad, that we have gained and built up over the past 30 plus years.

This strengthens our overall ability to provide credible, industry leading advice, service and proven product ranges, related to all aspects of constructing, rebuilding or finishing and owning a swimming pool.

At the core of our retail and distribution business are Pumps, Filters, Pool Cleaners, Pool Heating, Chlorine Generators, LED Pool Lights, Pool Chemicals, Pool Accessories and all the related products to construct and renovate a swimming pool, such as Fibreglass and Marbelite and also everyday type products, such as Salt and Sand.

HPG also enjoys being at the forefront in the introduction of newly developed innovations, such as Aqua King Storm Solar Powered pool pumps and more recently Eco Tanks Splash Pools, as well as Aqua King Stone Inspirations Cladding.

We invite you to put us to the test, by making contact with any of our 12 branches. Whether you are a pool professional or pool owner, we are always willing to share advice and help our customers build and maintain their dream pool. And if you’re not close to any of our branches, we will happily direct you to one of our network of pool builder or pool shop partners.

HPG and Hyper Pool Equipment Head Office - Celebrating 21 Years in 2023

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