AquaKing Granular Pool Chlorine

AquaKing Granular Pool Chlorine

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This product is effective to sanitize and clarify swimming pool water.

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4kg Bucket.
10kg Bucket – (B) TBA or (E) CH/ACH10 or (V) CHLO/10


Per 40 000 litre swimming pool:

Summer – 1 Cup (250g) per day.
Winter – 1 Cup (250g) every second day or as swimming pool requires.

Before adding AquaKing Granular Pool Chlorine, ensure that pH is at the desired levels, between 7.2 and 7.6.

With the swimming pool pump running, cast AquaKing Granular Pool Chlorine across the water's surface. Chlorine should ideally be added in the late afternoon, to reduce dissipation by the sun's UV-rays. AquaKing Pool Stabilizer is recommended to use with AquaKing Granular Pool Chlorine.

NB: Can be used to shock treat a swimming pool, with a single dose of 2 to 3 cups. Especially after heavy bather loads or changes in weather – hot and humid conditions or after heavy downpours of rain.

NB: Pre-dissolve in a bucket with water, when used in a Vinyl-surface swimming pool.

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(B) = Hyper Pools – All branches in Bloemfontein, Welkom and Bethlehem.

(E) = Riaan Pools – Edenvale.

(V) = Riaan Pools – CBD, Junxion and Three Rivers.