AquaKing – Platinum Pool Coating

AquaKing – Platinum Pool Coating

Oct 16, 2019 0


AquaKing Platinum Pool Coating is a single component, fast drying swimming pool paint for use in swimming pools or fountains, in fresh and salt water, new or old.

It adheres well to concrete, marbelite plaster, gunite or cement plaster. There is no need to prime existing surfaces. Being a one component product, it is extremely easy for DIY work or inexperienced applicators while at the same time rendering outstanding results and performance properties.

Ensure that the instructions guide is followed for preparation and application.

Additional information


5 Litre Tin.


Delivers approx. 25 SQM single coat per 5Lt.
Delivers approx. 12.5 SQM double coat per 5Lt.

Product Codes:

NB: When ordering, please refer to our 2020 Product Catalogue for the relevant code of the product variant and or model type / size that is being ordered.

This is applicable to all Hyper Pool Equipment and Riaan Pool Equipment branches.