AquaKing – Refillable Chlorine Floater

AquaKing – Refillable Chlorine Floater

Aug 23, 2018 0

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Our LATEST addition to the AquaKing range.

We see it as your environmentally friendly Chlorine Floater option, because you are not having to discard the complete floater, but only refilling with the pre-packed refill string of 8 chlorine pills, as your swimming pool’s chlorine demand requires.

A BLSA slow release concentrated chlorine product, formulated to provide not only highly efficient pool water sanitation, but also enhance the water quality and bather comfort.

Take advantage of the LAUNCH BUNDLE, which includes the Complete 1.5kg Floater and a Refill string of Chlorine Pills.

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1.5Kg Complete Floater which includes 8 Chlorine Pills. Thereafter, the floater is refillable with a Refill Pack of 8 Chlorine Pills.


Refer to pack for details.

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