AquaKing Pool Heat Pump

AquaKing Pool Heat Pump

Jun 29, 2018 0


The AquaKing Pool Heat Pump will automatically and effectively heat swimming pool water beyond the 30 °C * mark.

There are 5 standard models available – suitable for pool sizes from 35 000 to 100 000 litres.

Details of the various model sizes are contained under the additional information tab.

As most of the energy used by a heat pump is derived from the ambient air, freely available around it – it is a cost effective way to heat your swimming pool’s water, efficiently and conveniently.

All AquaKing Heat Pumps are supplied with the correct circuit breaker and a surge protector, at no additional cost, to simplify installation.

Peace of mind is further strengthened with a 1 year warranty and use of environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant.

* Heating parameters are provided, subject to the swimming pool being fitted with a bubble blanket and the correct operational settings.




Additional information


* AquaKing Pool Heat Pump – 5.3
(Pools Up To 35 000 Litres)
SKU: (B) STORM5.3 or (E) POOLH/5 or (V) POOLH/5

* AquaKing Pool Heat Pump – 7.8
(Pools Up To 45 000 Litres)
SKU: (B) STORM7.8 or (E) POOLH/7 or (V) POOLH/7

* AquaKing Pool Heat Pump – 9.5
(Pools Up To 55 000 Litres)
SKU: (B) STORM9.5 or (E) POOLH/9 or (V) POOLH/9

* AquaKing Pool Heat Pump – 11.3
(Pools Up To 70 000 Litres)
SKU: (B) STORM11.3 or (E) POOLH/11 or (V) POOLH/11

* AquaKing Pool Heat Pump – 17
(Pools Up To 100 000 Litres)
SKU: (B) STORM17 or (E) POOLH/17 or (V) POOLH/17


AquaKing Pool Heat Pumps are covered by a 1 year manufacturing defects warranty.

This is subject to the terms and conditions contained in our "Book of Life" that is issued and discussed upon installation.

NB: The equipment installed on your swimming pool and your pool's lining, may be subject to specific limitations by the manufacturers of these products, with regards to the maximum water temperature to which these products may be exposed.

Product Codes:

NB: When ordering –

Product Codes are linked geographically per Hyper Pool or Riaan Pool distribution centres, as follows –

(B) = Hyper Pools – All branches in Bloemfontein, Welkom and Bethlehem.

(E) = Riaan Pools – Edenvale.

(V) = Riaan Pools – CBD, Junxion and Three Rivers.