Eartheco E-Que Pump

Eartheco E-Que Pump

Jun 29, 2018 0


This is a self priming, centrifugal type pump with CLOSED vane impeller – fitted with a leaf trap strainer, mechanical shaft seal and squirrel cage induction motor, with heavy duty ball bearings.

It has been designed and evolved to give you many years of trouble-free operation.

All E-Que Pumps are fitted with unions on the inlet and outlet, as standard. The inlet and outlet are both also threaded on the inside of the casing, to simplify new and retrofit installations.

There are 3 E-Que models – 0.6kW, 0.75kW and 1.1kW.

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E-Que 0.6kW
(Suitable with an AquaKing 1 or 2 Bag Sand Filter)
SKU: (B) QP/01Q or (E) EQ.6 or (V) EQ.6

E-Que 0.75kW
(Suitable with an AquaKing 2 or 3 Bag Sand Filter)
SKU: (B) QP/02Q or (E) PE75 or (V) EQ.75

E-Que 1.1kW
(Suitable with an AquaKing 4 or 5 Bag Sand Filter)
SKU: (B) QP/03Q or (E) PE11 or (V) EQ1.1


Eartheco E-Que Pumps are covered by a 2 year manufacturing defects warranty.

This is subject to following the installation, operating and maintenance instructions contained in the Warranty Booklet issued with each pump.

Product Codes:

NB: When ordering –

Product Codes are linked geographically per Hyper Pool or Riaan Pool distribution centres, as follows –

(B) = Hyper Pools – All branches in Bloemfontein, Welkom and Bethlehem.

(E) = Riaan Pools – Edenvale.

(V) = Riaan Pools – CBD, Junxion and Three Rivers.