Xplorer Pool Cleaner – Combi Pack

Xplorer Pool Cleaner – Combi Pack

Aug 13, 2018 0

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New Product – Launched August 2018.

The Xplorer, AWD (All Wheel Drive) Turbo, packs great manoeuvrability and speed in a compact pool cleaner design, for fast and efficient cleaning in all swimming pools.

Product features include –

  • Silent Drive System – makes for silent propulsion through water and no noise disruption where pools are installed close to the home.
  • Auto Gyration – allows for complete random movement, ensuring a travel pattern that is constantly different.
  • V Track All-Wheel Drive System – applies power to all four wheels driving the unique V tracks.
  • Rotary Turbine Engine – provides unprecedented speed, cleaning power and agility.
  • Reverse Gear Enabled – for getting out of tricky areas.


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R 1 899-00 Incl. V.A.T. Excl. Shipping.


Combi Pack Contents:
1x) Xplorer Pool Cleaner
1x) Leader Hose with Float
1x) Weir Valve – Complete with 45 degree Elbow
1x) Flow Meter
7x) 1m Hoses


The Xplorer is warranted to be free of any manufacturing defects in materials and or workmanship for a period of 2 years, from date of purchase.

Warranty Exclusions are, as follows –
* Discolouration and or damage due to incorrect water chemistry.
* Abrasions to the cleaner or hoses due to improper use or a rough pool surface.
* All wearing parts must be checked regularly and replaced by the pool owner, when worn.

Product Codes:

NB: When ordering –

Product Codes are linked geographically per Hyper Pool or Riaan Pool distribution centres, as follows –

(B) = Hyper Pools – All branches in Bloemfontein, Welkom and Bethlehem.

(E) = Riaan Pools – Edenvale.

(V) = Riaan Pools – CBD, Junxion and Three Rivers.