Zodiac Pool Cleaner Hose – 1.2m Standard

Zodiac Pool Cleaner Hose – 1.2m Standard

Jul 17, 2018 0


Hoses with standard cuffs for older models of Zodiac pool cleaners.

Available in White, Coral, T-Blue and Cobalt.

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* Standard Zodiac Hose – 1.2m White
SKU: (B) N/A or (E) ZBWH or (V) BAR/02

* Standard Zodiac Hose – 1.2m Coral
SKU: (B) BAR/10H or (E) ZBPH1 or (V) BAR/02C

* Standard Zodiac Hose – 1.2m T-Blue
SKU: (B) BAR/10D or (E) ZBG2H or (V) BAR/02B

* Standard Zodiac Hose – 1.2m Cobalt
SKU: (B) N/A or (E) ZBG4H or (V) N/A


2 Year Warranty Manufacturing Defects.

Product Codes:

NB: When ordering –

Product Codes are linked geographically per Hyper Pool or Riaan Pool distribution centres, as follows –

(B) = Hyper Pools – All branches in Bloemfontein, Welkom and Bethlehem.

(E) = Riaan Pools – Edenvale.

(V) = Riaan Pools – CBD, Junxion and Three Rivers.