Zodiac TRi XO (Cross Over) – Chlorine Generator

Zodiac TRi XO (Cross Over) – Chlorine Generator

Jul 16, 2018 0


TRi-XO is a new generation chlorinator from Zodiac that allows the user to ‘CrossOver’ between normal pool salt (sodium chloride) to mineral blended salts.

Simply select the type of salt you will be using – “standard pool salt” or “mineral salt” in the start-up menu, and the TRi XO takes care of the rest.

There are 3 models – suitable for pools up to 160 000 litres.


Upgrade to pH Control at any time

TRi-XO like its predecessor features an easy upgrade pH module. This pH module can be purchased pre-installed in the units control centre or can be purchased at any time and connected into position. The addition of a pH control unit is of great benefit to anyone using salt chlorination as it keeps your pool water in balance thus making your chlorine more effectively

Enhance your swimming experience with ElementTM Mineral salts

Zodiac recommends using ElementTM Mineral Blended Salts with TRi-XO for enhanced bathing comfort.

ElementTM is a magnesium enriched sodium blend that produces softer, silkier water that is more sensitive to skin, eyes and hair. Plus the natural clarifying properties of magnesium helps pool water sparkle and reduces the need to add chemicals.

TRi-XO and ElementTM are suitable for all types of pools and if you are currently using standard pool salt or converting from a liquid/granular chlorine pool.

Zodiac Element Minerals

Talk to our team about how to “convert” your pool to TRi-XO with Element Minerals.


Additional information


* Zodiac TRi XO – Mini (Pools Up To 50 000 Litres)
SKU: (B) N/A or (E) ZCTM or (V) CLEAR/TRI10

* Zodiac TRi XO – Midi (Pools Up To 80 000 Litres)
SKU: (B) N/A or (E) ZCTM1or (V) CLEAR/TRI17

* Zodiac TRi XO – Maxi (Pools Up To 160 000 Litres)
SKU: (B) CLEAR/X035 or (E) ZCTM2 or (V) CLEAR/TRI35


Unique dual menu system for minerals or salt.
An intelligent Salt Chlorinator.
Easy to use interface.
Expansion pack to add pH control.
Easy access for electrode removal.
Compact & great looking.
Heat resistant.
Electronic menu (English & Afrikaans).


1 Year Warranty Manufacturing Defects.

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(B) = Hyper Pools – All branches in Bloemfontein, Welkom and Bethlehem.

(E) = Riaan Pools – Edenvale.

(V) = Riaan Pools – CBD, Junxion and Three Rivers.