iCatchi – Fly Catcher

iCatchi – Fly Catcher

Feb 11, 2019 0

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iCatchi is a next generation fly catcher.

Insects trapped in the iCatchi do not come into contact with the bait, due to iCatchi’s unique bait separating technology. Trapped insects dry out naturally.

iCatchi works as follows:

  • Flies / insects are attracted to the odour of the iCatchi bait.
  • Flies / insects enter the trap through the rectangular holes between the bait bowl and the drying chamber.
  • Instead of exiting through the entry holes, they fly towards the light, which enters from the lid (positive phototaxis) and get trapped in the drying chamber.
  • Once in the drying chamber, they dry out, as they are removed from food and water.
  • Dried flies can be returned to the environment as food source to animals, such as chickens and fish.

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Contents include:
1x) iCatchi Fly Catcher.
1x) Sachet Bait.
1x) Plastic stake.
1x) Piece of string.


Refer to pack for details.

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