PoolSkim – Fixed Surface Skimmer

PoolSkim – Fixed Surface Skimmer

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The international award winning PoolSkim skims the surface of your pool, removing all floating debris such as leaves, dust, grass clippings, hair and insects.

The PoolSkim uses the power of the water returning to the pool, to create a venturi suction that draws surface water, and floating debris to it like a magnet.

The debris is caught in an easy to clean and re-usable clip on bag, leaving your pool sparkling.

PoolSkim is available in White and Black.

Both variants are also available in a “Cut-Down” version, for fitment in shallower areas of the swimming pool i.e. by steps or champagne seats.

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Black Option –
SKU: (B) PO/17 or (E) MPSTDB or (V) PO/B

Cut-Down Option (White) –
SKU: (B) PO/18 or (E) MPCD or (V) PO/C

Cut-Down Option (Black) –
SKU: (B) NA or (E) MPCDB or (V) NA


Attaches to your existing pool – no extra booster pump etc. required.
Self Adjusts to water level and works in conjunction with suction cleaners.
Robust and easy to clean re-useable clip on bag.
Reduces your pump's workload and ideal for any pool – above ground or in-ground.

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(V) = Riaan Pools – CBD, Junxion and Three Rivers.